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Love Your Neighbours, Transform Your Community

Church Relations

Love your neighbours, transform your community.

Loving our neighbours is one of the clearest calls we hear as we listen to the words of Jesus. But how do we care for those around us in a way that maintains everyone’s dignity, builds on strengths, and dismantles societal barriers? 

At UGM, we believe the local church remains essential to community vitality. Whether you’re a congregant or a church leader, you can walk alongside those experiencing poverty, homelessness, and addiction. UGM can’t be everywhere at once — but the church can.

We are committed to equipping and supporting local churches as they navigate and learn how to show up and pursue the restorative Kingdom of God. With a teachable spirit and radical generosity, today’s churches can make a difference, one life at a time.

Our vision is that the church communities of Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Greater Victoria would be woven together, pursuing the common good, and actively participating in Christ's call to human flourishing for all. We trust that the following resources will both inspire and equip your church to better love your neighbours and meet the needs of your local community.


Church Partnerships

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