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Ways to Give / As a Business

Corporate Partnerships

Ways to Partner

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach ‐ we will work together with you to create a program and partnership that fits your company’s unique culture, while making an impact.

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Financial Partnerships

Donate through your business or encourage your team toward social good through employee giving. You can support specific programs or projects that align with your corporate culture or simply give where it is needed most.

Business Engagement

Sponsor meals or a UGM event and help provide vital services to the community, while elevating the profile of your business. Inspire your employees, vendors or customers to be creative and give back by hosting your own fundraiser for UGM. Our online tools and resource kit will help translate your ideas into reality.

Gifts In-Kind

Basic necessities and hygiene items are a daily need in our community. Contact us to learn about our current needs. Samples, excess inventory, or out-of-season inventory, are all items we may be able to use to help those in need. Gift of goods may qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

Awareness & Education

We want to share with you how your support is making a difference for those struggling with homelessness. We would love to customize a virtual workshop or take you on a tour of UGM by video at your virtual staff meeting or lunch and learn. We also offer Executive Leadership Days designed specifically for business leaders to experience the front line of working in the Downtown Eastside.

Volunteers from Concert Properties helping serve community members at UGM's Summer BBQ.

Change Happens Thanks to Companies like yours

Union Gospel Mission helps thousands of people every year—and it’s work we couldn’t do without our compassionate business partners. It’s incredible what teams can do when they set transforming communities as one of their goals!

Here, we’re celebrating two companies who have made a difference at UGM this year.

“Our commitment to UGM stems from a shared passion for uplifting individuals experiencing poverty and promoting positive change within our community. Volunteering at UGM during numerous Thanksgiving dinners has allowed us to witness the transformative impact of their work firsthand. We extend our deepest gratitude to UGM for their tireless efforts in providing essential support to those in need, and we encourage fellow businesses to join us in contributing to UGM’s invaluable mission. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of struggling individuals and foster a stronger, more compassionate society.” 
— Will Granleese, Director, Antrim Investments


“I was introduced to UGM over 20 years ago when my husband and I were invited to attend an informational fundraising banquet. It opened our eyes to the tremendous need in our city and also to the care and understanding and resources that UGM brought to the situation. We were inspired and began supporting UGM’s Christmas and Easter dinners and bringing our teenagers with us to serve meals.” — Co-Founder and COO Shelby Slater. 

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