UGM partners with 17 BC Summer camps. See the List of Camps.

We look at the average fees of our partner camps for the average number of days campers are choosing. For 2023, the average length of camp was 5 days and the average cost for 5 day camps are $575.

Right now, UGM’s camp partners are navigating through economic inflation and are still recovering from unanticipated financial losses from 2020 and 2021. Many camps are also struggling to find staff. As a result, all of UGM’s camp partners have needed to increase their costs in order to maintain operations, and provide unforgettable camp experiences

Thanks to UGM’s long-standing relationships with our camp partners, and their heart to help uplift children in the communities we serve, in previous years, UGM was generously provided a significant discount on camp fees. In light of today’s circumstances, camp partners are understandably unable to continue providing UGM such a substantial discount.

Prior to the pandemic, the average cost to attend a 4 or 5 day camp was closer to $375. The average cost to attend camp in 2022 was $450.

 A generous group of donors is providing up to $161,000 in matching funds. Give online, via the phone or by mail to our Summer Camp Campaign between May 1 and May 31 and your gift will be matched, helping provide TWICE the number of kids with a life-changing camp experience this summer!