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Men's Recovery

Gateway Pre-Recovery Program

Gateway is a safe place to regain your physical and mental strength, and gives you daily support to keep you on your upward path. With the help of caring staff, you’ll set attainable goals, and start taking steps toward them. Ultimately, we think of Gateway as your transition into recovery and a renewed life.

Recovery Program

Our 6-month, live-in program is designed to help you experience freedom from addiction, and begin rebuilding your life. Here, staff will compassionately walk alongside you through the highs and lows, and equip you with tools to live a healthy life.

Group Work

Our recovery model is based on Alcoholics Anonymous, a 12-step program, and built on shared life and relational accountability through support and life groups.

1-on-1 Counselling

Our professional, compassionate counsellors will equip you with intrapersonal awareness, healthy life skills, and help you create a sustainable Life Recovery Management Plan.

Classroom Sessions

Classes cover a range of topics such as self-assessment, anger management, career prep, and more. The heart of every lesson or workshop to equip you with essential life skills.


Expeditions is a hiking and wilderness adventure program, designed to train you in working toward a life-changing goal while exploring the beauty of this world.

Art Workshops & Music Jamming

Recording sound walks, painting, or making crafts. Picking up a new or old instrument, learning to read sheet music, or just listening — creative expression can be so inspiring for your recovery.

Second Stage Recovery

Care and support is essential every step of the way. After graduating from UGM’s Recovery Program, you’re encouraged to remain at UGM, where you’ll receive compassionate, deliberate attention that guides you towards your next steps. 

Whether it’s the support of community, continued counselling, or UGM’s Employment & Education opportunities, our continuum of care is designed to help you thrive as you continue rebuilding your life.

UGM Recovery graduate standing outside