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Hearts for the City

Transforming communities, one month at a time

Our Hearts for the City monthly donor family provides consistent and invaluable support that creates lasting solutions to poverty, homelessness and addiction.

By choosing to give in this way, you’re reducing administration costs and impact on the environment, while investing even more in feeding hope and changing lives.


Monthly giving is safe, easy and convenient. Join today!

When you join our monthly donor family, you’ll receive one single tax receipt at the beginning of the year that includes all your donations from the previous year. You’ll receive our newsletters, annual reports and special updates.

Want to talk to someone about your monthly gift? Or want to give through your bank account? Call 604.215.5440 ext 484 or email

In one year, your gift can make an incredible impact

Meet other members of the UGM family!


Jennifer's Story

UGM’s mission of helping people in need has resonated with Jennifer for decades. When she was younger and building a life of her own, she would give in ways that she could, such as donating her time, energy and items in need. Later on, when she was more financially stable, she started to give to UGM on a regular basis with both items in need and regular monetary donations.

UGM Women's Resource Team Outreach Community Outdoors

Mary's Story

Mary is a loyal monthly supporter of UGM with a big heart of compassion for her neighbours in need. “I've never been in the place where I've been hungry or didn't have a safe home. I can't imagine what that would be like, how difficult it would be to not have any hope. So I want to do what I can to help people who don’t have a meal to eat or a safe place to sleep.”