President & Board Chairperson’s Message

Annual Report

Throughout UGM’s history, caring donors like you have helped provide compassionate services to struggling women and families. Because of your continued support, UGM’s groundbreaking Women & Families Centre is opening, and they now have everything they need to grow stronger together — going on to impact generations!

This is a much-needed hand-up amidst the ongoing opioid overdose crisis, housing affordability crisis, and COVID-19 pandemic. However, through it all, UGM's community members like Joelle and Virginia have shown incredible resilience — and we are so inspired, knowing this new Centre will enable them to continue eagerly moving forward in hope.

This year, UGM is also marking the closing of a chapter, as I, Bill Mollard, am retiring June 2022 after 14 wonderful years as UGM’s President. It has been an incredible honour to serve the Lord and our community alongside you!

UGM’s Board is wholeheartedly grateful to God for Bill’s servant leadership, and are trusting God’s faithfulness to bring in the right leader for this next chapter. We want to assure you that though UGM’s President will change, our vision, mission, and values that have grounded us for 81 years are stronger than ever.

With a humble heart, we sincerely thank you for partnering with UGM. Your love is deeply touching lives, and can go on to have a far-reaching impact. Together, we’re opening doors to stronger families, renewed purpose, and transformed communities.

With gratitude,


William B. Mollard


Jim Barkman

Our Leadership

William B. Mollard, President
Dan Russell, Director of Programs
Grace Lynn Reeve, Director of People and Culture
Mary Lum, Director of Finance
Ryan Koch, Director of Resource Development
Rob Thompson, Director of Housing and Support Services

Our Board

Jim Barkman, Chairperson
Stanley Martin, Vice Chairperson
Laurie Bristow, Treasurer
Kathy Chan, Secretary
Doug Powell
Jackee Kasandy
Jeff Spruston
Joseph Yang
Sara Robertson
Toma Timothy
Trevor Wilson

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