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Summer Camp Report 2023


You Helped Change Children's Lives

Because of your generosity, 688 campers attended a life-changing week at summer camp, filled with fun and adventure. Thank you!


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Exploring New Possibilities

How Camp Brought Nathan out of his Shell and into Community

Nathan’s learned a lot over the past few years. The youngest of four siblings, he’s leaned into sports, playing left wing on his school’s hockey team, and basketball and soccer in the off-season. He has a good group of friends. And as a self-described shy kid, he’s finding his footing after a bumpy start to belonging.

“The part that I remember the most is elementary, because I felt like an outcast 24/7,” Nathan, now 15, says of his earlier years. “I did have a few friends here and there, but they went to different schools.” While he tried to find activities he liked and people to hang out with, summer camp filled in some of the gaps.

“I found out about camp through UGM, because they let my mom know about it,” he recalls. “She asked me if I wanted to try it and I said sure, because I was curious what it would be like.” Nathan’s first camp experience included his mom, his aunt, and his cousins, and family camp opened up his summers to new adventures. “There was tubing, water skiing, and just regular swimming. They recently opened up the sailboats. So I get to sail a bit.”

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Through camp, Nathan got used to trying out unfamiliar activities. So when his aunt introduced him to the Eastsiders After School Program at UGM, he was ready to take the leap and join. “I got familiar with Eastsiders and decided, yep, I wanted to do it,” he says. “I don’t regret it at all. It’s one of the best things that happened to me because through that I learned how to control my anger.” 

Emotional maturity and self-regulation are important skills, and Nathan credits the staff of Eastsiders for helping him find balance. “They gave me advice like, ‘Don't give them a reaction. Just stay calm. If something bugs you, just walk away no matter what.’ And so far it’s worked.”

Last summer, equipped with his learnings from Eastsiders and The Space, UGM’s weekly youth program, Nathan went to overnight camp solo for the first time. “I went without my family, so it was scary at first,” he says. “But I ended up making a group of friends—I think there were 20 or 25 people in that group. And it turned out that after camp, everybody got added into a group chat. So we all keep in touch.”

Sports have been another way Nathan has continued his journey into community. During the hockey season, he helps rookies navigate their first year on the team. His hopes for the future include college, and he has his eye on schools with active hockey or football teams. He picked up archery at camp, and it’s one of his favourite yearly activities. “Sport definitely helps you see possibilities,” he says. “It shows you your limits.”

And while he makes reference to limits, it’s clear that Nathan is someone who’s growing at the speed of light. He sees camp as an important part of that development. “Camp opens you up to things that you haven't tried yet,” he says. “It opens you up to potential.”



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Your Impact in Action

This summer, you’ve changed lives by giving kids, youth, and parents an unforgettable week of adventure, friendships, and experiencing God’s love. Because of you:


campers attended summer Youth Camps and Family Camps


youth attended Spring Into Summer Camp


kids attended Day Camp at UGM

Summer Camp helps UGM build new connections and introduce children, youth, and families to God's love. These relationships continue throughout the year, with programming in UGM’s Women & Families Centre.


Day Camp

Our summer day camps gathered an average of 18 children per day, 4 days a week, for games, field trips, and Bible study.


Every weekday, our Eastsiders After School Program provides kids in grades 3–7 with a safe, fun environment for learning.

Teen Programs

We provide a place for youth to build community and feel supported as they navigate adolescence.


Our LEAD Program encourages teenagers to develop and practice their leadership skills in a supportive environment.

Check out these artworks created by some of the kids at camp!

Kid's artwork
Kid's artwork
Kid's artwork


We asked, and you responded. UGM donors have fond memories of their summer camp experiences as well!

An Email Response From A UGM Camp Donor

I met my husband at summer camp!

We met for the first time as counsellors in training at the age of 13. Then we attended teen camp together and started dating at the age of 17. I went every summer from 9 years old into working as paid staff in high school. The camp we went to (Camp Kwomais) was turned into Kwomais Point Park years later, and we had our wedding there in 2011. It is one of my favourite spots on earth, with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Sleep-away camp is something I think all kids should get the opportunity to try! The friendships I made during those camps hold a special place in my heart even if we aren’t connected with those people anymore!

Thank you,


What inspired UGM donors to donate? Our donors are motivated by countless reasons.

Recent Comments from UGM Camp Donors

"I wanted to send a kid to camp! I attended a subsidized camp as a kid, and am able now to give back." — Margaret

"When I was a kid I attended camp every summer--it was the highlight of my year.  Even though it was a financial stretch, my mom managed to get me there and I know there are lots of kids whose folks aren't able to give them that.  I want to support kids like me to have this wonderful experience no matter what challenges there are at home." — Daya

"My children were fortunate to create special memories through camping with our family. I'd like all kids to have that opportunity."  — Annette

"UGM's continuous work in delivering Christ's message to our vulnerable clients inspires me to volunteer and give. Thank you." — Destiny

"I am a retired teacher so I value the impact of your summer camp on children who don't have much to look forward to during the summer months." — Babara

"My granddaughter will be working at a camp again this summer on Vancouver Island. It's important for kids to have this opportunity." — Ruth

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You sent kids to a variety of Christian camps throughout BC, including:

  • Camp Artaban
  • Charis Camp 
  • Camp Douglas
  • Camp Evergreen
  • Camp Fircom
  • Daybreak Point Bible Camp
  • G & I Shining Stars Youth Society
  • Hope Bay Bible Camp
  • Camp Imadene
  • InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific 
  • Kawkawa Camp 
  • Keats Camp
  • Camp Luther
  • Camp Qwanoes 
  • Camp Squeah 
  • Stillwood Camp
  • Camp Sunrise 
  • Timberline Ranch Camp
  • Camp TREK
  • Camp Zajac

Thank you! Your generous support of UGM’s Camp Sponsorship Program is overcoming cycles of poverty, homelessness, and addiction—one child at a time.

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