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UGM / Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

The vision for UGM Social Enterprise is to restore dignity and create opportunity by offering training and work opportunities to community members while generating revenue to grow UGM’s life-changing programs.

Social enterprise is the production and/or selling of goods and services for the purposes of generating earned income and achieving social aims. UGM’s Social Enterprise team achieves these purposes in three key ways:

  • By being a community resource, providing affordable or free goods and services in a socially inclusive environment.
  • By being a training ground to provide improved income and job readiness.
  • By being a profit centre to create revenue for further program or social enterprise growth.

UGM’s Social Enterprises


My little girl is my motivation to work and stay sober!! Working as an intern at the UGM Thrift Store was an amazing experience. I learned Job Skills, patience, organizational skills and how to work with customers with all different types of needs. I loved Working at the Thrift Store and I miss it so much!

The Thrift Store was my first step in getting into the work force. I am now employed and Thriving! Thank You UGM!


Want to learn more about social enterprise at UGM?

Contact our team at communityengagement@ugm.ca